Planet Geisha

by Cartoon Theory



Hypnotic nova's dance (ft Plini & Luke Martin) (6:54)
O-hanami 花見 (4:24)
Wizardry mind (ft Plini) (7:11)
Planet Geisha I : Sacred geometry (ft Plini & David Maxim Micic) (8:28)
Planet Geisha II : Hanamachi 花街 (ft Zélie) (2:57)
Planet Geisha III : Maneki neko 招き猫 (4:35)
Planet Geisha IV : The art (ft Mathieu Ricou from LizZard) (5:29)
Planet Geisha V : The murmuring (5:53)


releases February 1, 2016

All tracks were written, recorded and produced by :

Maxime Lathière : Programming & samples / Keyboards / Piano / Bass guitars
Juan Carlos Briceno Sanchez Aka Breeze : Guitars / Bass guitars
Travis Orbin : Drums (

With guest appearances by :

Plini : Guitar solo on Hypnotic nova's dance, Wizardry mind & Sacred geometry (left channel)
David Maxim Micic : Guitar solo on Sacred geometry (right channel)
Mathieu Ricou : Guitars and guitar solo on The art
Luke Martin : Piano on Hypnotic nova's dance
Zélie Tible : Lead vocal on Hanamachi 花街

All tracks were mixed by Cartoon Theory
Mastering by ...
Drum engineering by Anup Sastry on Hypnotic nova's dance & Wizardry mind
Drum engineering by Travis Orbin
Vocal recording by Romain Delettre on Hanamachi
Guitar recording by Will Knox on The art

Artwork and illustration by Juan Manuel Orozco at JML2art (
Layout by ...

Travis Orbin Video Sessions

Travis Orbin - Second Cartoon Theory Session - "Hypnotic Nova's Dance"

Travis Orbin - Second Cartoon Theory Session - "Wizardry Mind"

Travis Orbin - Second Cartoon Theory Session - "Maneki Neko"

Travis Orbin - Second Cartoon Theory Session - "The Murmuring of Tokyo's Anthill"



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CARTOON THEORY Limoges, France

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Cartoon Theory is a modern progressive, groovy and ambidjent music project with cartoon-ish and asian vibes which has been created by Maxime Lathiere

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